Wholesale Mac Makeup China 1, the proper use of colored mascara

Wholesale Mac Makeup China 1, the proper use of colored mascara 3W www.maccosmetics2017.com

3W, news 3 elements who, when, where, for the proper use of colored Wholesale Mac Makeup Chinamascara is also very suitable. The most commonly mac makeup from china used black mascara suitable for daytime use, play a fundamental brighten the eyes, increasing the visual effect of the eye; blue mascara under the lights will produce dark reflective effect, the most suitable party gatherings in the evening; brown mascara suitable for lighter skin color and hair color people, no heaviness; mac makeup china wholesale golden mascara participate Party used to illuminate the overall makeup is the best choice, in order to avoid exaggeration, can be streaked few but not all painted eyelashes gold.

wholesale makeup china 7 mascara use a little trick

Others such as red, purple and other warm mascara, and Asians skin color and eye color contrast is not strong enough with them, except to match with clothes and makeup, Wholesale Mac Makeup Chinado not easily use.

2, slim + thick, two functions with the use wholesale mac makeup of

This collection now has two functions in one mascara, but certainly more than your hands mascara, mascara when you want to use with two different functions, so that the eyelashes and thick and slim, you should using the first encryption mascara because it oil and Wholesale Mac Makeup Chinawax components more, the diameter of the eyelashes can be bold, etc. after completely dry, then use Lengthening Mascara Lengthening Mascara fiber multi-component, first use it is easy to cause adhesions.mac makeup wholesale china 

3, perm eyelashes, eyelashes and mascara grafting

Both are helped to become more mac makeup wholesale dreamy lashes "cosmetic surgery" after eyelash perm no longer use the eyelash curler, mascara directly on it, but after the eyelash perm relatively fragile, so be sure to use anti-allergy Makeup Remover.

Artificial lengthening eyelashes is a quick and convenient way eyelashes, due to the use of artificial fibers glued to their eyelashes, so try not to use mascara. mac makeup china The mascara composition may react with the fibers, and the implant will lead remover false eyelashes off.

4, Wholesale Mac Makeup China the residual value of used mascara

If after a few useless mascara Kaifeng, mac wholesale makeup but the time has exceeded the shelf life, do not for lashes, but did not need to throw away, use it to brush the eyebrows is a good Fang Li. Because the paste over the dry, do not worry eyebrows were blackened one, but let the eyebrows very clearly visible trace. If it has run out of mascara, then clean the brush, mascara coated finish as clean "eyelash comb" very easy to use!

5, black eye when choosing what color mascara?

Before mascara black eye must wholesale mac makeup from china first be modified, first choose some specific to the modified black eye concealer pen, and then choose mascara, then do not choose dark mascara, eye makeup that would make the whole bleak. Brown or blue mascara, bright eyes, dark circles distract attention is a good choice.

6, the lower lashes or not painted?

Under no eyelashes painted only painted eyelashes, is not very professional performance? Fact not so absolute. Meanwhile painted lower eyelashes, will increase three-dimensional eye, make eyes look big and God, if we draw with eyeliner will look more formal look darker for evening attended the event. If you usually go to work, travel, hoping makeup looks natural, cheap wholesale mac makeup china fresh, you can choose not painted eyelashes.

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